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May This Journey Begin

Hello, hello…

I wanted to start this first post of my blog by saying that my journey to a healthier me lead me to the ketogenic lifestyle, but that would be a lie. Truth is it was quite the opposite!

When I started ketogenic diet, all I wanted is to loose weight. Yes, that was my main objective. My weight has been fluctuating most of my live – my heavier years were always followed by lighter years and lighter years were followed by heavier years forming a never ending cycle. I have tried many diets over the years. I even starved myself, at one point, in addition to engaging in vigorous physical daily exercise routine that led me ER on few occasions. I did loose weight!!! But was I healthy? No! And… guess what – the weight I would loose ALWAYS kept coming back with the vengeance.

Through the years, I followed all “expert” advice coming from so many sources. I subscribed to all popular women’s health and fitness magazines. I read weight loss books. I listened to the nutritionists’ and doctors’ advice and followed the popular food pyramid they all introduced me to. I worked out. I watched my calories. I watched my fat intake. I did it all and more, but none of the methods practiced served me well long term. And when the weight would start coming back, in spite of my efforts, I would eventually give in…

So what was I doing wrong?

I was looking for answers where there were none to be found. I was always led in the wrong direction. I was not looking at the science behind what REALLY causes obesity. What is it you ask? Sugar… but the answer is not this easy and uniform. So… if you wish to find out more, join me on my journey to a healthier me. The journey that began with discovering the ketogenic lifestyle and many other eye opening “eureka-moments” that followed.

Welcome to my blog! May this journey begin!