Starving Cancer

We always have been advised to eat low fat, if we are to live long in health and “prosperity”. However, more and more doctors and scientists are changing their minds  when it comes to fats. It is becoming more obvious that we need choresterol more than we came to think.

We have recently learnt that choresterol plays an important role in the funtioning of brain’s neurological system. Lack of fats in today’s diets demonstrates itself in increased number of polupaltion suffering from Alzheimer disease. This is just one of the examples. Another one reason we should eat a good amount of fats is our bodies’ need of cholesterol to make sure our skin is naturally producing vitamin D3 from its exposure to UVB rays. What seems to be the biggest breakthrough, though, is recent studies that ketogenic diet can treat and even cure the most aggressive cancers.

Here, I want to mention Dr.Dominic D’Augustino who noticed that implementing High fat and low carb diet in mice, drastically helped with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and caused cancer to shrink.

The key to success is to limit carbs as much as possible, so no sugars, starches, etc. and increasing the consumption of good fats such as: eggs, avocado, olive oil, hem oil, butter or coconut oils, etc.

why does it happen you ask. Well, cancer cells need sugars in order to grow. Furthermore, they lack oxygen that healthy cells use to metablize the energy from ketones. Inability to do so cause cancer cells to starve! Lack of sugars in your body may just be the best cure for cancer!

So why are so many oncologist not talking about it? Or still recommending low fat diets? And they do recommend them – how do I know? Because it is written on my mom’s hospital discharge documents. Well, the reason may be simple. FOLLOW THE MONEY! If patients resorted to alternative treatment methods, the medical field would start loosing lots of money that comes from expensive treatments including widely used chemotherapy.

When I found out my mom has cancer, the first thing I did was eliminate all sugars from her diet. My reasearch showed that it is best to keep the carbs under 12g of carbohydrates during the therapy. I recently noticed she needs less pain meds. Whether it is the keto liufestyle or introdusing many superfoods that are supposedly helpful in fighting cancer, it makes me happy to see her suffer less.

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