Do Ketone Urine Sticks Work?

Frequent question if if the ketone unine strips work. The answer is not as simple as yes or no. Its both.

What they tell you is whether your urine contains ketone bodies – that is all. It may happen for various reasons. 1. your body is keto adapting and releases ketones it is not yet using. 2. for whatever reason your body is not using up all keones and releases them with urine 3. you are kicked out of ketosis and your bosy is releasing ketons it cannot use at the moment. What it basically means is that they are not currently used and the excess is being excerted via urine as ‘waste’.

You will releasing a lot more ketones during the adaptation period than once you are adapted (and using ketos to their full potential). It is a great tool in the begining of your keto journey, but later on – not so much.

Once keto-adapted, it is best to invest in the blood ketones meter for most accurate reads.

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