Apple Cider Vinegar

Through the ages, apple cider vinegar has been used in a wide variety of ways that expanded beyond its culinary function.  It has been used in beauty remedies, as well as, to treat various health issues. Its benefits have not only been passed on to us (by the word of mouth) from one generation to another, but recently they have been scientifically proven. So what is it good for? What are its benefits? Let me list few below and you decide if you need a bit more ACV in your life.

Although it has no probiotics,  apples contain pectin and pectin promotes healthy digestion as it encourages the growth of good bacteria. Pectin is a carbohydrate that slows down nutrient absorption by attaching itself to items in your digestive tract that your body can’t use such as cholesterol, harmful bacteria and even toxins.

ACV is, also, used to treat and disinfect some fungal  and bacterial infections including foot and nail fungus or ear infections. Hypocrates, father of the epidemology, was said to use the ACV to disintect wounds. Another great use of ACV is to prolong the life of food. Did you know it blocks the growth of E.coli?

When it comes to the ketogenic diet, ACV is just as beneficial here. It is said to lower the blood glucose levels and it is often used by people suffering from diabeties. Dr. Jason Fung recommends adding this vinegar to foods higher in carbs to eliminate their blood sugar spiking effect. It is said that drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV before sleep, results in 4% decrease of blood sugar by the time you wake up.  In addition, many say that adding ACV to your diet helps with weight loss. Awesome huh? If you consider its blood sugar level  decrease qualities – it just makes sense!

Another reason why apple cider vinegar is such an important addition to any diet is its cancer fighting abilities. Although it is still being studied, many sources report that is has ability to kill cancer cells and or reduce its growth.

I say “drinking a spoon or 2 of the  ACV a day, may help keep doctors away.” Buttoms up!


Notes: I, personally, drink 2 TBSP before sleep and 1 upon waking up on an empty stomach. I use a straw and brush my teeth immidiately after use – vinegars can be abrasive to enamel.







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