Cooking Tips

Here are my favorite and most utilized cooking tips:

  • to add more fat to your dishes, consider using more oil, butter, cream cheese, heavy whipped cream or serve it with mayo
  • to thicken shakes without using protein powders, use cream cheese
  • to whip egg whites until stiff – add a bit of salt to the whites before whipping AND make sure there is NO YOLK present in the mixture.
  • to make sure the mushrooms keep their nutrients, just rinse them under water before cooking (instead of soaking them)
  • if your tomato is too soft to slice it with ease (and without falling apart), soak in the water with added ice cubes (for few minutes prior to cutting)
  • if you are experiencing too much splashing during frying, add some salt to oil and the problem should be fixed
  • if you dont want your cucumbers to be bitter, make sure to start peeling the skin from the lighter colored end of the vegetable
  • if you forgot to put the cheese back into the fridge after using it and it got hard, just soak it in milk for few hours. it will be as good as new
  • to make sure the fish smells and tastes great, defrost it by soaking it in milk instead of water
  • to add aroma to the coffee (beans/ground) that has been left open for too long, put a dark chocolate square inside and leave it there for at least 2 days
  • if your avocado is hard and not ready to eat, just put it inside a brown bag for a day or 2 and it will ripe faster. Also, make sure to always leave the kernel inside the unused portion of avocado, so it doesn’t turn dark
  • to reduce the heat of any spicy foods, add dairy to it – example: heavy cream. If you eat something too spicy, just follow it with milk or cream and it will make it all better
  • if you want to avoid yellowing of the cauliflower (when you freeze it), first soak it in the water with lemon
  • to remove the tomato skin, run it under boiling water and proceed. it will come off supoer easily
  • to keep all the nutrients (and juices) while cutting scallion or green onions, use scissors and cut it straight into the food you are preparing
  • to keep your lettuce crisp in your salad, wash it and dry it first. You may also use the salad spinner.
  • do not add salt to the salad before serving, so it doesn’t let the water out and welt
  • to bread your meat keto friendly way,  use crumbled pork rinds instead of bread crumbs
  • to remove the unpleasant smell of fish or garlic from your hands, use some lemon to wash it off
  • to remove moisture from salt shaker (so it doesnt clump together), add some rice to it. It absorbs the moisture.
  • if you want to avoid burning of skewers during the grilling process, first soak them in water for a while
  • make sure to store all oils in dark cool place so they last longer and remain flavorful
  • if you have unused garlic cloves, preserve them in oil. They will last longer and you will end up with a flavorful cooking oil at the same time

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