Becoming A Cancer Warrior

It has been a week since news of my mom’s cancer has been officially communicated to me and my mom. When the doctor announced stage 4, I asked how many stages there were. I never knew anyone with cancer and I had no idea. His answer was 4. That’s when my heart broke. 

When I was a little girl, my mom always told me that she was doing all she could to provide for me and to take best care of me, but to always remember that one day the tables will turn I will be the one taking care of her. Some life lessons always ring in my memory and that is one of them. I never knew the time would come so quickly. 

Mothers are special. We all know that is true. My mom is not only special to me. She is special to so many people for she has a heart of gold. She is the most selfless person I know and in that aspect I will never measure up to her. She always thinks of herself last. Perhaps that is the reason she spent years taking care of my ill father and forgot how important her own health is. She had always been a minimizer – she would never complain about her health or sleepless nights she spent tending to my dad’s special needs. Until he passed … 6 months ago. 

Although we were all grieving, my mom felt the pain of loosing her husband most. Wanting to see her smile again, my family hoped that once her mourning is over, she would finally start putting herself first and ENJOY LIFE once again. I was going to book so many trips for her this summer. My list was so long – Cuba, Norway, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal…. and that was just a beginning… I wanted to put the whole world at her feet BECAUSE SHE DESERVED IT ALL… AND MORE!

The news that was announced to me 7 days ago was the furthest from what I thought I would hear! I cried for few days – hiding my tears from my mom. I didn’t want her to see my suffering because she would worry … about me. 

When I brought her home last Friday, I was happy to have her home, but my chest still felt super tight. Then… on Saturday morning, I woke up with a new found strength. I turned my tears into action! The only way to gain control of my emotions / of the situation was TO DO SOMETHING! 

I have been educating myself about the ketogenic lifestyle for months now. I read and listened to many lectures about not only it being a great way to maintain weight,  BUT ALSO ITS MANY HEALTH BENEFITS! Did you know that ketogenic diet provides inhospitable environment for cancer to grow? Did you know that cancer feeds on sugar to grow? Did you know that following a strict ketogenic diet at maximum 12g of carbs a day has ability to starve it and reverse its growth? Well, it is true! Knowledge is power! And knowing all this gives me strength to fight for my mom’s life! 

Before I end this post… I’m happy to say that my mom is 100% on board with my plan. I have been making all her meals since I brought her home…  AND… I checked her blood ketons 2 days ago and  SHE IS OFFICIALLY IN KETOSIS! My first little victory. One of many I hope!

We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have! 

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